Titoff Realty Ltd - Company and our services

Titoff Realty Ltd. is an established professional services and property management company in Belize. We specialise in providing professional services and real estate to new investors relocating or investing in Belize. As a member of the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize (AREBB), Titoff Realty is licensed (we are number 58 on the list) by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), which was established to authorise and protect Belize as an international financial services centre and to regulate the provision of international financial services. Our associations, together with our local knowledge and network of experts, has allowed Titoff Realty Ltd. to build a strong and trusted reputation within Belize’s business community.

Our services include the incorporation of offshore companies, real estate opportunities, and investment opportunities. In addition, we will assist you in your legal requirements from the moment you arrive. We work in partnership with Belize lawyers, specializing in visa and immigration legislation. Belize is open for business and is fast becoming recognised as an attractive destination for overseas investors. As a relative newcomer in the field of international financial services, Belize is building an enviable reputation for business and is seeing increasing numbers of investors visiting and investing in the country’s growing economy. Since the enactment of the International Business Companies Act, Belize has become one of the most modern and accessible legislators for offshore investors. The city is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in all of Central America, with multiple flights to and from the United States from Belize City. With this in mind, Titoff Realty provides the expertise and local knowledge to help you and your business to grow. Investors seeking to establish offshore companies and invest in the local property market can rely on Titoff Realty to provide the services they require.

Our services include:

A full-service real estate consultancy

Our bespoke service will guide you through the process of becoming a property investor in Belize. Our portfolio of properties showcase some of Belize’s finest homes, with real estate agents on hand to help you purchase property and advise on property management. Titoff Reality Ltd has built a strong client base and is one of the most reputable real estate firms in Belize.

Professional services

Our experts will guide you through Belize’s legal system, which is devised to make Belize an attractive and welcoming city for investors. Titoff Realty Ltd. can assist in forming your offshore company. Our consultants are knowledgeable in the legislative requirements of offshore company formation, investing, and relocation, to give you peace of mind.

A bespoke travel consultancy

We can assist you in your travel arrangements. We can prepare and complete travel applications, required by the Belize Tourism Board, and any other requirements from government departments, which you may need in advance. In addition, our agents can search and book your accommodation for the duration of your stay allowing you to focus on the business at hand. With an office situated within the country of Belize, you can have direct access to our professional services and work with our experts, who you can trust. Our experts will work with you to identify your business requirements and can provide a wide variety of services ranging from establishing licensed offshore company incorporation, to real estate and other commercial transactions. There has never been a more beneficial time to set up and do business in Belize. The country’s economy is booming, helped by the attractive legal system, which welcomes investment and is making Belize a good place to work, settle, and do business.

Universally, Belize is building an enviable reputation for investors. It offers a number of investment vehicles designed to meet the needs of investors and to compete on a global stage. Its one-stop-shop jurisdiction system continues to attract investors and, at Titoff Realty Ltd, we want to guide you through accessing and capitalizing on Belize’s emerging and growing international financial services industry.

Contact Titoff Realty Ltd. today for a quote and let us help you to take care of business. Our skilled support team is available 18 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, by live chat, email, and by telephone to help with your incorporation needs. Contact us now!