Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

Located in the Cayo district, between limestone hills covered with flourishing plants you will find “Green Hills”, the Belize Butterfly Ranch. Colonies of butterflies, from brilliant blue to gorgeous orange, brilliant yellow to bright gray, fly freely in a beautifully landscaped farm: The largest butterfly farm in Belize.

The butterfly farm is open from 8.00 till 16.00 daily. Last tour of the day starts at 15.00. Entrance fee for private guided tour is US$12.50 per person (minimum 2 adults). Children under 10 years, in the company of two adults – US$5). Group rate for four or more individuals: US$10.00 per person. Special rates are available on request. Groups over 15 people, please call to reserve: (501) 834-4017.

Belize Zoo

Explore the Belize Zoo, home to the orphaned and rescued animals of Belize! The Belize Zoo was founded in 1983. A visit to the zoo is the perfect way to approach animals of Belize, and to know why it is important to protect them. The zoo is located 29 miles west of Belize City on the Western Highway, and is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, with last admission at 4:15 pm. Entry into the Zoo is US$15 for adults, US$5 for children.

The territory of Belize is small, but the amount of it focused on the unique cultural and natural values ??is striking. Unspoilt nature and historical values ??are carefully protected, that does not interfere with the intensive development of the tourism industry. It is a country where you can discover the remote antiquity, or the world of pristine rain forests, protected islands or underwater coral landscapes.

Ecological tourism.

Nature Belize surprisingly diverse – sosedstvyut each other rain forests, mangrove swamps, savannah and mountains, lagoons, islands and atolls … 4,000 plant species and 700 animal species thrive in the mild tropical climate of the country. With the support of such organizations as the World Wildlife Fund and the Smithsonian Institute, Belize has become a recognized leader in the field of environmental protection. We can only appreciate the initiative of the authorities, who have given more than 40% of the country under the reserves and parks. Most protected areas are open to tourism. Lovers of wildlife can be advised to visit the world’s only jaguar reserve Cockscomb National Park Loving Bed Kay or Forest Reserve Mountain Pine Ridge with their unique variety of rare animal species. Among the popular diving professionals National Park Blue Hole, where the Great Blue Hole – water-filled karst cave with stalactites. Belize boasts such wonders as the world’s second largest coral reef and the highest waterfall in Central America. Complete the picture canoeing on rivers and cave tours in the gardens of tropical butterflies.

Coral landscapes.

Ambergris Island, located near the barrier reef, wonderfully combines the ideal conditions for a wide variety of leisure activities. There are beautiful beaches of delicate white coral sand, coastal currents are perfect for practicing drift-diving and wind surfing on the coast will please fans. Fishermen enthusiastically caught here the most exotic prey, and scuba diving allow to admire the true treasures of the coastal waters – there are about 400 species of fish and 70 species of coral. More than 30% of coastal waters up marine protected areas.This Half Moon Island (Half-Moon Caye), where there are 98 species of birds, and Hall-chan – underwater park with bright coral landscapes, exotic underwater plants and animals and the world famous Cailler-Kolker-Marine Reserve just … and not list!

The legacy of the Maya.

The priceless historical heritage of Belize – the temples and palaces of the great Mayan civilization. More than 3,500 years ago the Mayans inhabited the territory of modern Belize and built large cities – Altun Ha, Caracol, Cerros, Ksunantunih … These ancient cultural centers are not yet fully understood and are of great value to historians and archaeologists. The ability to touch the mysterious Mayan world attracts thousands of tourists. Stepped Pyramid, the huge masks and reliefs on the walls of temples Lamani, a mysterious and beautiful Lubaantun in which was found the famous, the controversial scientists crystal skull – all this can hardly leave anyone indifferent.


The capital of Belize – Belmopan city – was built in the 1970s. just over 12 years.Here you can see Belize University of interesting architectural solutions of buildings of banks, monuments ( “Belize – forward”), to visit the exhibition Art Box or City Museum, as well as many beautiful parks. Rich in attractions country’s largest city – Belize City. In the Museum of Belize, located in a former colonial prison in the middle of the XVIII., You can get acquainted with Mayan pottery. Maritime Museum tells about the development of navigation and Coastal Zone Museum will showcase a unique exhibition on reef ecology. And of course, it is impossible to pass by the National Centre for handicrafts. In the northern part of the city is St. John’s Cathedral -. The oldest Anglican Church in Central America. Of particular importance for the city is a beacon, a monument of Baron Bliss, famous for its good deeds on this earth.