Weather Belize - Climate, Seasons & Temperatures

Belize is located in the Caribbean on the coast of Central America. Mexico is to the North and Guatemala on the southern and western borders. It has a flat and low terrain near the coast and in some of the regions in the north. The southern regions, and regions in the center of the country consist of low mountains that can rise to around 3,680 feet. The temperature and climate has been characterized as mild throughout the year. There is a moderate amount of rain fall and areas that provide some relief from the heat and humidity.

The climate of Belize is sub-tropical. It is a humid climate which can be extreme at times. The coastal locations experience the most humidity, but this is usually met with a nice cool breeze from the sea. There are two seasons, which consist of a dry season and a rainy season. The average rain fall is around 60 inches per year in the northern section of the country and around 160 inches per year in the southern section of the country. The wet season begins around June or the beginning of July and then end around August, which is characterized as being a dryer time of year. The wet season is also hurricane season. However, Belize is set in an area that usually does not receive the full brunt of the hurricane and instead only is effected with severe weather, high hinds, and some rain.

The temperatures range from highs of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, the average temperature is a cool 75 degrees Fahrenheit from November to around January and a warm 81 degrees Fahrenheit from May to around September. In the mountain regions the temperatures have been known to drop slightly to around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main appeal of Belize is this sub-tropical climate that is comfortable no matter what time of year it is. The humidity and heat is cooled with the large rainforests and jungles and the cool breeze from the coast that provide relief in the hotter months. The winter months don’t usually fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most visitors wear lightweight linens and cottons. A light jacket is usually enough for rainy days and most people wear sandals regularly because of the warm climate. In the areas around the rainforests and wooded areas, many of the people wear shirts with long sleeves and trousers to ward off the mosquitos. Boots or sneakers are also worn for hiking and other activities in the rainforest. Sun hats and sun glasses are popular to protect the skin from sun damage.

The Belize climate does vary by region. The coastal areas are more humid than the inland regions. The rainforest and jungle areas are a bit cooler because of the protection from the foliage. The mountain ranges are cooler because of the higher elevations. Overall, the sub tropic climate is experienced in all areas of the country for the majority of the year.