Currency of Belize

The currency of Belize is the Belize Dollar. It is worth roughly half of what the American dollar is worth. This makes it easy for American visitors to understand the conversion, which is $ 1 US dollar for $ 2 Belize dollars. Many locations also have the prices listed in both currency for the ease of many tourists and those visiting the area for business. Many of the tourist locations list the price in both, but other localities and places that are more remote, only list their prices in the Belize Dollar currency.

Important things to note

One of the most important things to note when dealing with currency in Belize is that the foreign currency exchange at banks is higher for buying and lower for selling. You won’t have to worry too much about exchanging the currency from US currency, because most places will accept all US currency and traveler’s checks, if your driver’s license number or passport number is written on the back of it. Smaller bills are ideal in most locations. It is a good idea to not use bills larger than a twenty, because there may not be enough change for larger bills, like fifties and hundreds.

Many of the resorts, restaurants, businesses, and hotels accept credit cards. But cash is the best for smaller village and making small purchases. Automatic teller machines are available for getting money in Belize. All of the District Towns and Belize Cities have banks with automatic teller machines. Some of the major highways have them at gas stations as well. Credit union accounts and bank account debit cards with four digit pins work in the Belize ATMs and the Belize dollars are dispersed.

When leaving the country, you will want to exchange the money before you leave. It may be hard to exchange the currency outside of the country, so unless you want to keep some as a souvenir, it is best to exchange it prior to leaving. The law in Belize only allows travellers to bring $ 5000 US dollars into the country per individual. The total amount of money brought into the country must be declared on you Disembarkation Card and this is a practice that is very serious in the area. There are fines associated with not following these guidelines. Arrest is also a possibility if this isn’t followed.

Double your buying power in Belize if you are using US currency. So when you change in your Benjamin Franklins for some Queen Elizabeth II’s, you will be able to start to enjoy the many amenities and local treasures that Belize has to offer. Whether it is trolling the local markets in San Pedro Town or picking up an exquisite piece of art, you will be able to easily own some of the wonderful treasures that are unique to these areas. The shops are quiet and comfortable and you won’t have to worry about a pushy salesman chasing you around the place either.