If you have decided to immigrate to Belize, please speak to our experienced consultants, who have lived in Belize for many years. We can assist you in getting the best advice on immigration, investments and real estate purchases. In fact, we can assist you with a wide range of matters – immigration, business immigration, incorporation of offshore companies, opening of an offshore bank account, assistance in obtaining various financial licenses, licenses for trust management of third parties, and licenses entitling the holder to work via the forex license for currency exchange. And many others!


The purpose of this section is to highlight the main advantages of immigration to Belize! Belize is undoubtedly one of the most favorable countries in which to live, work and do business. The economy of Belize is on the rise! As a modern, rapidly developing country, Belize offers great opportunities for investors, businessmen and ordinary people who have decided to swap the bustle and pollution of modern big cities for a healthier way of life – the amazing purity of Belize, its clean air and crystal clear waters.

With its excellent infrastructure and strong telecommunications networks, Belize is one of the most investor-friendly countries to be found anywhere. The country welcomes foreign tourists and investors with open arms and makes applying for a residency permit or permission to work as easy and straightforward as possible. There are very few criteria you need to meet in order to relocate to Belize, and the opportunities open to you once you do are endless and exciting. As land and property here are inexpensive and easily purchased, making the move to Belize is an attractive prospect for many.


A residence permit is a document providing a foreigner the rights to reside in Belize for a definite period of time (a temporary residence permit) or permanently (a permanent residence permit). The residence permit is issued by the Department of Immigration in Belize City or Belmopan. A foreigner has the right to apply for a permanent residence permit after legal residence in the country for at least 12 months under the status of temporary permit holder.


Belize welcomes people from around the world who want to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the country. If you’ve decided to invest in Belize, please contact us and we will set your business on track. Want to get a work permit in Belize and a permanent residency permit? We know how to help you obtain these quickly and efficiently. If you are an investor or retiree, read the additional information from the following link:


A visa is a sticker of a certain design affixed in a passport. It shall certify that a person has requested an authorisation to enter and stay in Belize, and that the consulate, which has issued the visa, does not see any obstacle to the fact that the person enters and stays in Belize during the period of time indicated in the visa and for the number of times indicated therein. Please note, visa does not, by itself, provide the right of entrance into Belize.


Please fill out the following QUESTIONNAIRE, providing as much information as possible. This information is required in order to assess the immigration position of the applicant and his or her family. Further information may be required. Please answer each question below and complete all fields using ‘N/A’ where a question does not apply.