With its excellent infrastructure and strong telecommunications networks, Belize is one of the most investor-friendly countries to be found anywhere. The country welcomes foreign tourists and investors with open arms and makes applying for a residency permit or permission to work as easy and straightforward as possible. There are very few criteria you need to meet in order to relocate to Belize, and the opportunities open to you once you do are endless and exciting. As land and property here are inexpensive and easily purchased, making the move to Belize is an attractive prospect for many.

With many years of experience in Belize, we specialise in facilitating your move to this fantastic country should you decide to relocate. With a wealth of knowledge regarding the immigration system, work and residency permits, investment opportunities and real estate, we can guide you through the ins and outs of making your transition from the United Kingdom or Europe to this little gem of a country. For those who recognise Belize’s potential as an investment opportunity, we can offer advice and guidance on setting up a business or becoming self-employed once you have relocated, taking you through the employment and tax systems to ensure maximum returns on your investments. The criteria for expats wishing to retire and gain residency in Belize is very simple, only requiring that you be over forty-six years of age and have a stable income of at least US$2,000.

The Immigrant Investor Program, designed by Titoff Realty Ltd. is open to non-CARICOM nationals and their families who commit to an investment in Belize. We will assist participants in the Program and their family members will be granted entry visas allowing to remain in Belize for a defined period but with the possibility of ongoing renewals. The Program will facilitate participants, over time, in establishing a permanent relationship with Belize.

The Program was developed in the 90’s to open doors for anyone forty-five or older with a pension or annuity to retire in this Central American-Caribbean paradise along with his spouse and children. With some very distinctive benefits that come with the country, mainly being English Speaking and having a warm climate, this combination resulted in attracting a class of “Permanent Tourists” Retirees whose income would allow for self-sustainability without the need for local employment. The benefits and incentives of Belize’s QRP Program significantly outweighs the requirements and as commented by International Living “Belize has one of the world’s best retiree programs”.