The residence permit in Belize

The residence permit with permission to work in Belize allows you to obtain legal status in the country and the opportunity to work and develop their own business. Within four weeks from the date of arrival in the country, is interviewed in the Department of Labor and apply for a work permit in the country.

A temporary residence permit (permit) issued by the Department of Immigration only after obtaining a work permit.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the process of review of applications by the Department of Labor takes several months. The Department may request any additional information and to examine the application as long as you want. In Belize, there is no law that obliges the Department of Labor make certain decisions at a certain date.

At that time, while the application for a work permit is pending before the Labor Department, and if this process will last longer than 4 weeks, it is necessary to extend visa to the Immigration Department on a monthly basis, pending the Department of Labor decision on the issue. Any questions regarding obtaining a work permit, you can ask on our forum or send us an email.

It offers professional counselors who can competently advise you on all matters relating to obtaining a work permit and a residence permit. We guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

A work permit

The Labor Department provided the following documents:

  •  Statement;
  • Three color photographs 3 x 4 cm
  • a local bank Letter of availability of the company’s accounts;
  •  Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Protocol on the appointment of directors;
  • A copy of applicant’s passport;
  • Business plan showing the size of the investment;
  • The lease agreement or purchase of real estate;
  • Information about the planned business in the country;
  • a copy of a diploma, a brief summary

Labour Department reserves the right to request any other documents in the process of reviewing petitions.

We will help you in completing all the forms for a work permit. Our representative soprpovozhdaet all of our customers for an interview in the Department of Labor and actively help in its successful completion.