The ``Belize Retired Persons Incentive Program``

Belize recognized as a top tourist destination and deemed the perfect vacation spot for Retirees looking for that long-overdue and quiet relaxation brings the inception of the Retired Person Incentive Program. The Program was developed to open doors for anyone 45 or older with a pension or annuity to retire in Belize along with his spouse and children. With some very distinctive benefits that come with the country, mainly being English Speaking and having a warm climate, this combination resulted in attracting a class of “Permanent Tourists” Retirees whose income would allow for self-sustainability without the need for local employment. The benefits and incentives of Belize’s QRP Program significantly outweighs the requirements and as commented by International Living “Belize has one of the world’s best retiree programs”.

STEP 1 - Learn more about Belize

Moving to Belize? Learn More About Your Destination

STEP 2 - Evaluate your chances

In order to find out how high your chances to immigrate to the Belize Retired category, please fill out the questionnaire evaluating the chances. We are carefully reviewing the information and let you know about the extent to which your nominee program conditions.

According to the terms of the program “Retired” plaintiff’s income derived outside of Belize, shall not be less than US $ 2,000 per month. This may be a pension, dividends on shares, profits from property rental, or any other income.

Step 3 - Prepare the necessary documents

Prepare the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate – copy of birth certificate of the applicant and all family members.
  2. The marriage certificate or divorce
  3. Police certificate of no criminal record and criminal record. Validity of inquiries – 30 days. If information is received more than 30 days before applying – it will not be accepted and you will need to obtain a new certificate.
  4. Passport – color photocopies of all pages of your passport (including blank) to the applicant and all family members immigrating to Belize. A photocopy must be certified by a notary. Failing notarization copies of your passport, you will need to send the original passport to our office in London and we will do yourself a copy and all the necessary notarization.The cost of this service depends on how many pages in the passport and reported separately on request.
  5. Proof of income – certificate from the bank confirming the receipt of income in the amount of $ 2,000 US dollars monthly
  6. Medical examination – the applicant and all family members must undergo a medical obsledlvanie, including an AIDS test. The medical report should be attached to the application
  7. Photo – four color photographs of the front and four photographs in profile 3 mm x 4 mm on the applicant and all family members.

All documents must be translated into English and translation – notarized.

All data in your application must be complete and accurate. Provision of false documents, false information, withholding information will result in rejection of your application.

STEP 4 - Fill in the application

If you satisfy all the requirements of the Program “Pensioner” – we will sign a contract with you for the provision of the services and send all the necessary forms, questionnaires and declarations to be signed.

After checking and signing of all documents you send them to our office Belize one of the courier services. You will be sent a confirmation email with the number of your case, you should indicate on any further correspondence or communication with us.