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The place you can call your future home

On this website, you will learn about the beautiful Central American nation of Belize. Our country is rapidly developing and is currently gaining popularity as a result of its wonderful climate and low COVID cases.

Belize is an exciting country where you can experience raw nature, an exotic underwater world, and historical artifacts of the ancient Mayan civilization. The world's longest coral reef (298 kilometers) goes along Belize's coastline like the Great Wall of China. The famous Great Blue Hole, located 100 kilometers from Belize City, has a depth of more than 123 meters and a width of 305 meters. Divers from around the world come to Belize to explore the Great Blue Hole. You can't call yourself a professional diver until you've dived the beautiful blue waters of Blue Hole.

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, the majority of visitors to Belize came for pleasure. People are now arriving from the United States and Europe to avoid the pandemic, forced vaccinations, and police brutality. Countries such as Australia, France, and Austria have strict QR code regulations in place. Anyone moving outside their homes must have a vaccination certificate or a QR code. You cannot enter a cafe or restaurant without proof of vaccination. Supermarkets will be the next in line to implement the same strict entry requirements. Unfortunately, police are increasingly using coercive forms of communication with the public. Many countries look more like prisons than modern democratic states.

It's hard to find a job for those who have not been vaccinated. This forces such people to live an isolated life. Many people are fed up with the way things are now, so they leave their home country in search of a place where they can live peacefully, raise their children, and enjoy the unique freedom of nature away from the hustle and crime of big cities!



The Belize real estate market has been on a steady incline over the last few years and is currently at its peak. The inflow of investments in this specific region is huge, with prices for land, houses, and new buildings skyrocketing. In recent years, anarchy and lawlessness has been on the rise in many countries. This has prompted many people to immigrate from their home country to another where they feel it is more safe. Investors from all over the world have flocked to Belize due to a variety of factors, such as:

- Strong political stability
- High level of property safety
- Clean and modern infrastructure
- Steady income from renting out a property
- Liquidity, preservation and growth of invested funds.
- Large selection of property to invest

Иммиграция в Белиз


Are you tired of constant lockdowns, police brutality, and mandatory vaccinations?
Do you hate the idea of total chipization?
Do you want to inhale fresh, tropical air?
Do you want your children to be healthy and happy as they grow up?

If you answered “YES” to all the above questions, Belize is the ideal country for you and your family!

We can help you with your immigration process, investment into real estate, local company formation, and much more. Belize is the best country to immigrate to for the following reasons:

- An incredibly beautiful country with an excellent climate
- A well-developed economy
- A stable democratic government
- A developed banking system
- Active infrastructure
- A welcoming attitude toward foreigners and investors
- Easy to obtain a work permit and residency for investors
- Cheap land and real estate

Belize is a small country on the north coast of Central America. It exemplifies the proverb, "small spool, but expensive." This tropical country, warmed by the sun's rays and teeming with exotic wildlife, can fit comfortably in one of London's Boroughs.

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In Belize, we handle a variety of services, from entry visa support to helping you acquire citizenship.


Entry visa support

We will provide comprehensive visa assistance to both investors and high-income individuals who are seeking to immigrate to Belize.

иммиграция в Белиз

Local company formation service

We incorporate Belize local companies (Chapter 250) and assist with the opening of personal and business bank accounts in Belize. We also incorporate in the state of Delaware and the United Kingdom

недвижимость в белизе

Belize Real Estate

We are delighted to assist you in finding and purchasing any property in Belize City, Belmopan, or any other city in Belize.

второе гражданство

Tours and Excursions

We can help you organize your trip to the beautiful country of Belize by organizing flights, transfers, hotels, tours or arrange any other type of ground transportation.

Иммиграция в Белиз


If you are living outside of Belize and are considering the possibility of buying property in Belize, our specialists will provide you with effective assistance with renting or buying a home or any property. We have more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market. Today, investing in Belize real estate is a highly profitable venture. We will be happy to find you any property- whether it is a plot of land, a house, or a condominium. We are pleased to work with individuals with budgets ranging from modest to high-net-worth.

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Client's testimonials

As a business owner, I have had to register companies in various countries around the world. Registering a company in Belize was no exception. Everything was done quickly and with high-quality standards.


I was very happy with the land that I bought from Konstantin. The transaction was handled with ease and I'm looking forward to building our little house on this wonderful plot of land.


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Customers have a variety of ways to get in touch with our team, including the option to contact us via phone at any time of day or night. In the event that we are unable to answer your call, please feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Are you fed up with the cold and snow in Magadan, Vladivostok, and other Russian cities? Do you live in Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan, where the summers are oppressively hot, reaching 50 degrees Celsius? This article is for you!

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Many Europeans who are tired of cold winters, high taxes, and lawlessness dream of owning a home or an island in the Caribbean. In terms of immigration, Belize is an extremely appealing country for citizens of EEC countries.

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Belize-immigration programs

14 February 2021 Author: Konstantin Titov

Belize welcomes individuals from all over the globe looking to be a part of our flourishing economic, social, and cultural development. We provide full assistance to investors from any corner of the world, including visa support and help with obtaining citizenship.

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The first humans to arrive in America were about 50,000 years ago. At that time, there was a land bridge between Asia and America which has since been flooded.

Eight great reasons to consider a holiday in Belize:

Eight great reasons to consider a holiday in Belize

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Every year, Belize is visited by tens of thousands of tourists, most of which come from the United States and Canada. From January 2022, Russian citizens can enter our country without a visa.

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