Currently, one of the most favorable countries in Central America to invest in real estate, is actively developing Belize. The country’s development is always closely connected with the growth in property prices, and that is the situation we are now seeing in Belize. Is considering moving to Belize? We will help you solve all your problems with rental housing and real estate purchase.

We provide a full range of professional services in the market of real estate in Belize. We can guarantee our customers the most favorable conditions for the acquisition of property in any part of Belize.

The basic principle of our work – the care of the client’s interests. We will always find you a viable option for the local real estate market. Individual approach to every – one of the basic principles of our company.

Our employees – professionals of the highest class. Many of us work in the market of Belize real estate for over 17 years. We know all the “underwater” stones and the market will be able to help you solve any problem in the real estate sector, namely:

  • Property For Sale
  • Rental property and commercial premises
  • Property management

Belizean law allows foreigners to buy property in the country without any restrictions.

When buying real estate in Belize, you must pay the state fee (Stamp duty) – in the amount of 5% of the purchase price. Lawyer services, execute a deal – about 2% of the value of the acquired real estate you.

For the purchase, you only need a copy of your passport.

We are happy to assist you in solving any problems related to the purchase of real estate in Belize. If you do not see on our site that is looking for, please send us a request and we will find you a number of suitable sites both from our base and from the base of our business partners. For more information about the process of buying, you can find out by contacting us.