Selection of a construction company in Belize

In Belize, the huge amount of work of large and small construction companies that offer the population construction services. There are also a number of separate teams, masters and half-drunk shabashniks.

How to choose a construction company to build a house, commercial building or any other structure, to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money?

In this issue should not rely solely on the recommendations of friends, relatives or acquaintances. Try to find out as much information yourself before you decide with the contractor and will be ready oforimit relationships on paper. Do not take any obligation and do not pay the money to the contractor until enclose with it a detailed contract for the construction.

The first step is to search for construction companies in your area. At this stage, the search is conducted information about all companies engaged in construction. It is very useful to communicate with the real estate agent from whom you purchased the plot of land.

If your site has around freshly built house, talk to neighbors to find out who is involved in the construction, and whether developers neighbors happy. A good idea is also to apply to the authorities and get a list of all construction companies licensed for construction in your area.

You can also interact with local insurance agents who know all the companies that build quality. Sellers of building materials, also know many good developers so how to communicate with them on a daily basis.

You will be surprised the surprising number of useful information that you get in the process of communicating with such persons.

And be sure to contact the Association of Professional Architects of Belize and the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize. The members of these associations – highly qualified specialists in various construction specialties.

Before you begin negotiations with potential contractors, should have a general idea of ​​what you want to do the contractor.

Many want the contractor to do everything bought building materials and built the building, acquired all the electrics and electrified house, bought finishing materials and finished building finishes (tile, paint, kitchen, doors, windows, etc.).

Another scenario is more suitable when the customer choose and buy all the building materials themselves, but only to the contractor builds and installs all of the materials purchased.

There are people who bought only the construction of the foundation, walls and roof with installation of windows, doors, plumbing and electrics, and all the finishing work is performed independently.

So it’s time to communicate with construction companies. You have to understand that at this stage any contractor trying themselves to “sell” and show the best side. Contractors colorfully describe the quality of their work, professionalism team and much more, which should, in their view, stop your choice on them. Do not hesitate to ask questions when the company is registered and how long the company operates in the construction; how many houses similar to yours, and built a contractor; whether the company hires a full-time builders or people in the street; whether the company uses subcontractors; whether the company has its own machinery and equipment and whether it is transportation of the workers to the construction site.

A very important point – whether on the building site to be foreman, supervising the process stroitelsvo. This is just a small list of questions that should be asked to the contractor. No doubt you have a still a lot of questions during a meeting with contractors.

Ask the contractor to show you houses that are under construction, as well as those which he built and where people already live. If the contractor built home passing by said that built it, but it does not stop, note the location of the building, go back and check with the owner of the house is it.

A few points that need to pay attention to the construction site of the company:

  •  Number of whether sufficient working or two people build multi-storey building;
  • Concrete thwarted by hand or using an electric mixer truck
  • Whether or not the construction workers on the site, or the purity of ground littered with debris and it is difficult to move;
  • Conditions of storage of building materials on site. whether they are protected from the weather and theft, or cement bags get wet in the rain.
  • The process of construction you feel efficient and satisfactory

Remember that the contractor will show you the objects that he is “exhibition”.The hosts of these houses will be happy to extol the construction company and will help convince you to choose this contractor. Before you finally decide on a contractor, try to find and view other objects that are under construction or building company.

Once again I want to emphasize the importance of signing a comprehensive contract for the construction. I know a lot of homes and commercial buildings in Belize, built without a detailed plan or contract. In all these cases, construction costs exceeded initial estimates.

The contractor who builds without a clear understanding of what should be built, and which has no contractual obligations and control over his work, in fact received from the customer, “a license to steal.”

And not always a contractor can be accused of dishonesty. The reality is that if the customer does not give the contractor precise plans and drawings, as well as not sign a contract that gives each party a clear understanding of their responsibilities, then customer should not come as a surprise, when the cost of construction increases several times.