Roads and Highways: A Comprehensive Guide of What You Should Know

There are three main highways navigating through the picturesque landscape. These include the Northern, Southern, and Western routes. Public transport is available throughout these areas for easy navigation through the interior and coastal localities. Some of the unpaved side roads are rough for some travel and need some minor repairs. They are usually passable, except if there are bad rainstorms in the area, which make them hard to travel at times. There are several ways to get around Belize which can be chosen to get an idea of the best ways to get to where you need to go.


This is the cheapest method of transportation and can be the most efficient choice for traveling in Belize. Mostly all of the towns are connected and buses run frequently. Express buses offer a quick and comfy commute for most individuals who can find their way from the many bus terminals. For remote areas, there are less stops and offer at least one trip a day Monday through Saturday. These fun colored buses were recycled from school buses in North America and will drop you off anywhere along the side of the road, so you can reach your destination quicker. The Northern and Western highways have the most frequent services in the area and run from early morning to mid-evening.


Another option for transportation in Belize is by car. This is perfect for some of the remote areas because the buses only travel once a day to some areas. Locals usually help each other around if all of the families can’t afford cars, which is another sign of the friendly appeal of the country. Traffic in these remote areas is minimal and that means less traffic and a faster commute.


The taxi services in Belize are all licensed operations. These vehicles have green plates to help identify them from the other vehicles. They utilize fixed rate fares, so you know how much the trip will cost prior to taking the ride. Some taxi services will take individuals to other cities for an additional fee.


This is an ideal option for reaching more isolated areas. There are bikes that you can rent and there are bike repair shops in every town. This is not only a sensible and easy option, but it will keep you fit and active as well.


When visiting the cayes, you will travel by boat. The most common boat that is used to transport people to and from the cayes are the skiffs. They are fast and usually partially covered. If you choose to take a boat, try and get their a half an hour early, so that you can meet your departure time. There are many skiffs that run daily to the cayes from various points in the area.


This is the perfect option for reaching the areas that are not reachable via roads. They are a quick and easy way to get to where you need to go. Flights are available daily from both Municipal and International airports. So, depending on where you need to go and where you need to get there, you now have an idea of your best transportation option.