Safety is Important in Belize!

When in Belize, safety is of the upmost importance. Belize struggles with crime and theft, much like every other location in the world. Because Belize is such a tourist friendly place, there are extreme measures that are taken to protect the citizens and visitors from crime. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe when visiting or living in Belize. Most of this advice is the same as anywhere else in the world, but will help you remain protected here as well.

  • Local authorities are available to visitors and residents for protection and resolution of crimes. There are several ways to contact the authorities if a crime does occur.
  • There is a U.S. Embassy located in Belize that will be able to assist American citizens visiting Belize. They will be able to help them receive medical attention, explain the local judicial process, contact relatives for you, and help with the reporting of the crime to the local authorities.
  • Some scams exist in Belize and it is a good idea to protect one’s assets while traveling and stay away from services that are not legitimate. All of the taxi cabs have green plates for starters.
  • Keep your money and possession safe on your person. Purses should strap across the body and over the neck to protect from being snatched away. Try to avoid contact with individuals who are walking near you in the streets and shops.

Top Places to Live in Belize

Some areas of Belize are safer than others. When it comes to lower crime rates and safer living, there are a few areas that are well controlled by the local authorities. A great place to try is Corozal, which is in Northern Belize and near the Mexican border. There are great waterfront properties available with reasonable pricing. The locations are situated near local markets for groceries and other necessities. The Amebergris Cay Island is another great choice. The beautiful turquoise water and white sand is a perfect place to unwind after a long day. It is the perfect paradise and can be a living dream. Check out the seaside town of Placencia as well. It is at the tip of a peninsula that is off of the mainland coast of Belize. You can take a trip to Belize City in just around three hours and spend the day there. This is quickly becoming a desired location because of the beautiful Caribbean Sea and ample lagoons with fresh water, wildlife, and mountain ranges.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy, these are ideal locations for visiting and taking in the sights. Not everyone who visits these ideal locations are looking to live there, but these localities are some of the safest and most tranquil ways to enjoy Belize. There are so many things to see and do in Belize whether you stay for a day of for a year. The warm climate makes it a desired destination any time of the year. So whether you are scooping up your little piece of paradise, or borrowing it for a week, you can find what you are looking for in Belize.