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    Where is Belize?

    I have a question - Where is Belize? I know it is somewhere in Central America.

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    Where is Belize?

    Most Americans have heard of Belize, a small, beautiful country in Central America, which became a major tourist destination. Nowadays Belize is a country that most Americans would place on their list of top tropical choices. Those looking for a tropical vacation think first of Belize then the other countries and islands. The residents of Belize would make you feel their tropical paradise is second to none.

    Consider Belize as your next tropical destination. Belize is a small, beautiful country, on the Central America’s eastern coast. One of the two world’s longest barrier reefs is in Belize. The longest one is the Australia's Great barrier reef. The reef attracts those who loves deep-sea fishing, skin diving and snorkeling. Belize's mainland consists of exotic jungles and rivers. One of the unexpected surprises of Belize is that the language is English, even though Belize is located in Central America. Belize was a British colony until 1981. Belize is only two hour flight away from Miami. So I hope your questions Where is Belize is addressed.

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